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Allison & Young Min

Before Monica stepped in, our wedding planning process started off as a nightmare. We were having issues with our contracted wedding planning company as none of our wedding planners lived up to our expectations. We thought our wedding was going to be a disaster.. Until Monica. From our first meeting, Monica impressed us with her positive energy and wide breadth of experience. Despite our wedding being in Northern California (she was based in Southern California), she seamlessly coordinated all aspects of our wedding, accounting for even the smallest details we did not think of. 


A month leading up to our wedding, Monica scheduled meetings with each of our vendors to present a plan for our wedding so that each vendor knew exactly what to do and where to be throughout the day. She made herself available all times of the day (via call, text, email) for us. She even created an airtight plan for the day down to the minute.

The day of our wedding, all we had to do was focus on each other and our guests. She skillfully worked behind the scenes and managed any unexpecting "surprises" that sprung up throughout the day (ex. wardrobe malfunctions, drunk uncles, and many many more). 


Our wedding could have not been the joyous, perfect day it was without Monica. Looking back at our wedding planning process, we believe the Wedding Planner is the most important investment a couple makes. Having gone through multiple planners, we can whole-heartedly say that Monica is the best in the business. Beyond her work ethics, Monica is a sweet and kind soul. She became our true friend during the wedding process, and we have already recommended her to our friends and family getting married.


Nobody has to settle for the most important day of their life. Monica put together our dream wedding even without us knowing what that would look like. Monica has set herself apart from other planners with her ability to gauge to each couple's style and cater to their needs. We highly recommend working Monica to plan your perfect wedding!

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Giselle and Timmy

Simply the best coordinator ever!!!! Serious! It's been 5 years already, and everyone still remember our wedding!!!! And it's all because of YOU!!!! Mon, you are amazing in what you do! You always give your 100%, if not 1000% effort in helping your clients have their dream wedding. You made sure that we never miss any important things, down to the littlest details needed for our wedding! Thank you Mon! Thank you for everything! You made our wedding hassle free and so much fun! So fun, I barely remember the things happened at the reception. Hahaha. Will be forever grateful to you and your team for doing an amazing job! 🙂 Love you Mon!!!! ❤️

Gail and Gibson

Any first time bride gets anxious and jitters on preparing and planning a wedding. I wasn't so sure at first if I would get somebody to plan our special day but my fiance now my husband, urged me to reconsider.

Since I knew Monica for quite some time and have worked with her on other events, I decided on having her as our wedding coordinator/planner which my husband happily agreed.

It was a smooth planning journey and she was the sweetest to work with. Making sure that every request I had were met and given attention. She made sure everything was perfect from the first day until the last hour of our wedding day. We worked together on getting the best wedding suppliers and even came up with an unforgettable program for the reception which I still get compliments from guests to this day.

Monica, thank you for being our breath of fresh air during the planning and the wedding day itself. Thank you for your expertise and your wonderful staff who made sure everything falls perfectly right the way we wanted it to be. May you and your team continue to make couples happy. To many more beautiful weddings, CHEERS!!!

Au & Mau for Monse's Bapstism
(March 7, 2020)

We didn't have to worry about anything for our baby's baptism, thanks to Monica and her team! When you get to smile, have a great time, enjoy good food and great company, then you know that your event planner did a fantastic job! Thank you so much for helping us plan and execute Monse's baptism. :) Now time to plan his first birthday! Haha! 

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